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MOH and IVR Rush Jobs

Rush Job - Same Day FulfillmentHoldcom often encounter situations where a client calls in, frantic or out of breathe, asking for an MOH update or IVR announcement to be written, produced, and delivered that afternoon.

The bane of the script department: the “rush job,” also known as “same day Fulfillment.”

We gladly accommodate our clients, since many have multi-locations that update frequently. But several qualifications need to be taken into account to determine whether we can complete the job within the allotted time frame.

Taken from our Wiki:

The following guidelines apply to all Rush Jobs:

  • “Submitted” job requires approved, studio ready script with tech instructions (downloading, file formatting) if required.  Verbal authorization subject to management approval.
  • Script Department/Production must confirm that job can be fulfilled in expected time frame. 
  • For VP or Remote Load, instructions must be received with authorization…if contact with client’s vendor is required, client must facilitate.

Fulfilling the order isn’t difficult; determining the urgency of the project is the challenge. Many clients will call wanting same-day fulfillment, but don’t actually need the program immediately. One way to determine urgency [and this can be applied to life outside of the audio marketing industry] is to take a moment to focus on the question. Ask your client [or friend] to fully explain why they need the order [or solution] ‘right away’ – more than likely it is for a sense of security.

Holdcom works hard to fulfill orders as soon as possible, but just like the inevitability of “waiting on hold,” good customer service takes time. However, over the years we have developed a flexible infrastructure: so if a crucial job comes through, we can easily shift our priorities.

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