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Troubleshooting Message on Hold

Imagine that you’ve just ordered a brand new table from Ikea. After carrying the package from your car to your front steps, lifting it inside, and plunking it in your living room, you get down to business. Instructions are taped to the outside, but after reading the first few steps, you crumple them up and throw them behind your shoulder.

After all, it’s just a table! But after all the parts [too many for a table, it seems] are heaped in a pile and you’ve spent half an hour fiddling with a table leg, you wonder – maybe I should have taken more than a glance.

Here’s another example: in New Jersey, it is illegal to pump your own gas [one of the beautiful quirks of our state]. When stopping for gas outside of state, you can immediately tell if someone is from the Garden State: the man or woman staring vacantly at the pump, nozzle in hand, smiling sheepishly while pretending that they know what they are doing.

To facilitate Message on Hold implementation, our customers need special equipment [known as a digital loader] that stores and plays the recorded track(s). Holdcom is able to digitally load the program on to the remote devices, thereby saving our customers time and effort. But sometimes the program needs to be manually loaded.

When dealing with physical media, the process is simple: we send a tape or digital file, the media has to be inserted into the machine [physically or by USB], and – presto! Your MOH or IVR program is live.

Of course, we never assume that once we send out the file, our task is complete – we monitor our customers’ programs to insure they are playing and that they are loaded properly. Frequently, our troubleshooting department handles unsuccessful loads – many of which result in the human tendency to “not read instructions.” For example, a switch isn’t pressed, the machine isn’t plugged in, and in one situation, the individual hadn’t even put the tape inside the machine!

When dealing with equipment, fantastic customer service is demonstrated through the willingness, knowledge, and patience to walk a customer through the troubleshooting process. Holdcom’s “how-to videos” and Live Chat capability, as well as live client representatives, are multi-media channels available for customer assistance.

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