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Donna's Laptop Debacle: The Benefits of MOH Equipment

LaptopToday’s blog is going to place client relations in the customer’s shoes.


Donna Pompeo, Holdcom’s healthcare specialist and customer service veteran, purchased a brand new Toshiba laptop. After several months, it broke: blue screen shutdown fizzle-pop! Complete hard drive failure.

She went to her local geek squad for help, and since she was under warranty, they were able to repair the device for minimal cost. But they had to send the laptop out to Toshiba, the projected return date being two to three weeks.

I know many individuals who would rather deal with a broken computer than wait an absurdly long time for repairs. Why don’t these companies have a program available that substitutes a “temporary” device for the waiting period? Or why don’t they provide a completely new laptop while they send the old one to be repaired?

Holdcom is aware that time is the most valuable commodity in customer service. Under our Platinum Service Contract, we exchange our clients’ broken equipment with a working device in a matter of days. We then take the problem of their hands and send the equipment to the manufacturer. That way, our clients can continue to play their message on hold uninterrupted, capitalizing on the full value of their program.

Through this method, we push a continuous cycle of new equipment and under repair [in transit] equipment. At any time we can replace several locations with functioning digital loaders while simultaneously repairing troublesome equipment.

Hopefully Donna gets her laptop back soon – it’s already been one week. What is the longest you’ve waited for your laptop?

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