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Internal Segmentation

AbacusSEO-conscious businesses are very familiar with market segmentation. But what about “in-house” segmentation? In other words, have you segmented the individual components of your business, and assigned an appropriate workforce?

Let’s go beyond departments. Do certain tasks require full time work, or would part-time suffice? Are certain tasks location based, or can they be worked on remotely? Knowing the most efficient way to devote your resources can lead to streamlined performance, and ultimately better customer service.

In fact, understanding the “division of labor” can lead to a better holistic view of your employees. Holdcom contracts voice talent to read received prompts, and depending on their availability, commitment, and performance, they can be featured on our online audio production store. We are so familiar with our voice talent that when we receive specific requests for a “type of voice,” we usually know which voice talent would best suit the task.

However, we have come across roadblocks. There are certain voice talents that have no qualms about reading political announcements, while others prefer not to; or even outright refuse. The turnaround times vary; some are perfectionists while others want to complete as many as possible without sacrificing quality. We have voices that are deep and authoritative, youthful and peppy, smooth, jocular, wizened; knowing each voice talent’s unique abilities, and how to properly place them, will make or break a message on hold.

As the story goes, “know thyself,” and you shall know the world.

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