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Commitment to your Passion: With Help from Client Relations

commitment to passion, social media, inspirationSo you found your passion; you feel rejuvenated, your spirits energized, and you cannot wait to face the challenges to come.

You begin working on a new white paper, a customer segmentation model, or convincing a hesitant client to upgrade / renew your services.

Towards the end of the day, your white paper is disorganized; your segmentation model in shambles, and you can’t get a hold of your client. Exhaustion pulls at your passion.

But the next morning, you are wide-awake, ready to face the day – this motivation, this commitment, is what truly defines a “passion.”

It seems like “commitment” is on everyone’s minds today – MarketingProfs discusses whether social media is worth the cost, presenting infographics how “social media still trails traditional marketing channels such as email in driving traffic to retail websites.” Though word of mouth and previous brand familiarity drive site-visitor satisfaction, consumers “are highly likely to buy offline…whose site visits are most influenced by ads on social networks” while online purchases are driven by “product review websites, word of mouth recommendations, and instant messages from friends.”

Ironically, despite preferring traditional outlets vs. social media, consumers do not consider companies committed unless they have a presence on social media: “rating top-40 retailer’s presence [on Facebook] an 80 [out of 100], just two points above the average score for retailers’ own websites.”

Another example of commitment is Hubspot’s article on Advantages of Blog Content Contributions From Sales. A “commitment to blogging can yield some pretty powerful results, and while it is…a commitment that takes some time and effort, there are ways to lighten the load.” Hubspot recommends getting your sales team [client relations] team involved, for they “drive more content, divide responsibility, offer unique perspectives, improve sales’ industry knowledge, and generates more leads.” Being committed to your goal doesn’t mean you have to do it alone – the more help, the more fresh perspectives and room for growth.

It’s also ok to be “scared of commitment” and not feel that it is the “right time” to embark on a serious project; just know that when your passion finds you – and it will happen – to embrace it with open arms!

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