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Only Audio - A Revolution in Mobile Gaming

Video Games

With a tap of the screen, the average Smartphone user can teleport from glowing ocean caves to remote mountain villages to interstellar constellations; all thanks to Google Earth.

But the creative team at game developer Somethin’ Else takes you on a new journey – through the pitch black Land of the Dead.

“Most Innovative Game” of the 2011 International Mobile Gaming Awards, Papa Sangre is “a terrifying horror experience that is portrayed to the player solely through sound.” Atmospheric, chilling, raucous – according to the website, you are “in Papa Sangre’s palace…an afterlife that takes the form of a malevolent, unpredictable carnival.” The game “drops players in the land of the dead, where they’re tasked with not only staying alive, but also finding and saving lost souls.”  

How can you find your way, if you can’t see?

According to Somethin’ Else’s game designer Paul Bennun, “we realized we had the opportunity to create what we call ‘the ultimate first-person game…illusion provided from successful binaural audio is closer to immersive reality than anything a screen can provide.” Bennun also wanted a game that was “100% accessible to the blind” but still conveyed a meaningful, powerful experience.

Holdcom uses audio for marketing and entertainment purposes [as opposed to deliciously frightening our listeners], and we are always searching for creative interpretations of audio technology. Perhaps this 3D sound engine can be incorporated into commercials, radio spots, or telephone?

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