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Queen and Message on Hold

Ear Listening“Momma…I just killed a man…” starts one of the greatest musical journeys of all time – Bohemian Rhapsody. A rock-opera that switches gears more times than a six speed, a Dostoyevsky-esque tragedy condensed to 5:55 seconds, this song has captured generations since released in Queen’s 1975 album Night at the Opera. Listeners young and old can relate to the song – whether crooning along to the ballad, head-banging to the guitar solo, or vocal front-flipping with the operatic falsetto/strohbass.

Here is a wave-form graphic of Bohemian Rhapsody, as shown through Audacity software.  Viewing audio this way shows you the “bigger picture” – the hills and valleys of volume, the overall shape of the song. A fun experiment is to record your own voice with similar audio software and review the wave form model. The shape / style of your voice will shift depending on the material – such as reading a message on voice prompt compared to speaking in conversation.

If you really want to play with your voice, cut and paste sections of the wave-form and remix your content. Cut-and-paste audio – also known as sampling – has been a prominent feature in popular (hip hop, mashups, breakbeat) and classical (musique concrete) music since the invention of the tape recorder.

Our production team uses these techniques daily to fine-tune recordings. For example, if the client wants to change one sentence in their message on hold program, instead of re-recording the entire message, we only need to record that one sentence – we can then insert this new content into the desired section. This technology allows us to provide highly customizable services – and to complete rush jobs asap.

With programs like Audacity, Acid, and SoundForge, new sounds are created daily. Audio waves now move “any way the wind blows…” – though it does matter very much to us (sorry Queen!).

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