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Rush Jobs for Message on Hold and Voice Prompt Productions

Rush JobIn previous blogs, we have discussed approaches to handling rush-jobs, or same day fulfillment, of message on hold and voice prompt productions. Though we have a thorough process for completing these time-sensitive projects, our first step is to ask the customer – “why?” Instant gratification is not only rampant among consumers: many clients feel that they need their program as soon as possible. By asking “why,” clients are able to take a step back and evaluate if their situation truly demands same day fulfillment.

But what about our customers who need a program asap?

The common theme among these situations is that the respective client is updating or changing their phone system. Just like a house renovation or a vacation, these companies made plans months in advance – which were soon forgotten beneath the pile of to-do lists. So when the date approaches, it catches them off guard. What follows then is a frenzied scramble – “we are going to have this highly complex phone system – and we have no content to fill it!”

A good parallel to the above situation is deciding to air a commercial, but having no content or preparation until days before. Or agreeing to publish a magazine before the magazine is compiled. Of course, in a professional environment, none of these circumstances would occur. Then why is it that so many professional organizations – that are so on top of marketing aspects of their business - overlook their phone systems?

Don’t leave your phone-space unclaimed! Monetize your hold time.

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