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We Want Your Audio Marketing Content!

audio marketing content, submit your content, social sharing, social curating, multilingualIn our monthly Newsletter, Holdcom often features audio marketing and message on hold success stories. Now, we want to hear from you!

Holdcom is calling all businesses to share their experiences with audio marketing, whether audio is used for product promotion, as an integral part of their services, or as a client relations tool. Once you submit your content, Holdcom will proudly display your thoughts and provide a link back to your website.

We live in a social community; just like Groupon barters savings, and Rideshare barters transportation, why not exchange content? Businesses and clients are gravitating closer together through social platforms, and the exchanging of content allows business to remain on the cutting edge while providing professional services for their clients.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Multilingual communication and translation.
  • IVR solutions used to organize your external and internal call flow.
  • The importance of music and voice in advertising.

And this is just the beginning! Submit your ideas to our Facebook page, or email us at

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