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You Are A Social Media Master - Now What?

audio marketing, message on hold, cross media advertising, mixed media “Segmenting,” “mixed-media,” “cross-channeling,” “immerse your brand,” etc.

We’ve all buzzed about these terms before.

But what do you do once you “break through the clutter” and “join the conversation”? Suddenly leads are not just visiting your website, but emailing and calling your business directly, expecting the same engagement you provided online. Are you prepared to handle the influx of attention?

You dedicated valuable marketing resources to acquiring new customers – don’t miss the opportunity to further educate your community about your services. From live chat on your website to on hold messages on your phone system, from mobile applications to downloadable whitepapers, covering all potential channels – even printed flyers – is necessary when you have a potential audience of thousands.

Two key ingredients for "standing out from the crowd" are professionalism and creativity. Marketers are all clammering for the same final result - so customers will LISTEN to what they have to offer. By cross-updating channels, your content will remain consistent, professional, and unique among all possible customer entryways.

But it's not just "mixed media channels" that captures customers' attention. Just like in writing a novel, you want to create an immersive, engaging experience by appealing to the five senses. Technology hasn't arrived at recreating virtual smell or taste, but visual [online websites], aural [message on hold, online audio], and even touch [mouse clicks, interactive websites, touchscreen monitors] are fair game. 

So now that your customers are engaging with your business on all fronts, you need to be ready with professional content and a "human experience" [touch, audio, and visual] that will get your customers paying attention. 

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