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Health and Wellness Luncheon at Holdcom

Dr. Joe LabriolaOn Tuesday, May 24th, Holdcom participated in a “Health and Wellness Lunch and Learn” sponsored by Event Dango, with a complimentary lunch from Subway.

The event centered on a presentation from Dr. Joe Labriola, founder of the Chiro Health Spa of Ramsey. While we munched on delicious sandwiches, Dr. Labriola discussed the various treatments at his clinic – from chiropractic to acupuncture, the hCG weight loss plan and the unique Physiored exercise routine, which combines cycling and infrared light to increase metabolism.

After the informative discussion, Andrew explained our business, to which Dr. Labriola responded, “I wish we had you guys yesterday!” The Chiro Health Spa of Ramsey had set up a Groupon deal, and the phones were ringing off the hook. Many customers were placed on hold, where their message [upon review] had certain mechanical glitches.

Yet again, proof that many companies forget that your customers are always listening – and if a promotion is going to make the phone ring, make sure you are prepared to handle the business!

Holdcom wishes to extend their thanks to Event Dango (1.800.731.9223) and Dr. Labriola (201.962.7633) for a great experience. For more information

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