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From Holdcom, Signing Off


September 13th, 2010. It’s been a wild ride. Straight out of college and into the fast lane, juggling start-up news, gadget tech, and by-the-minute tweets while back of mind threads relevant newsletter articles from the chatter and the traffic. Jumping from marketing meetings to Youtube video shoots, to Webinars on segmentation and ‘going mobile,’ siphoning the influx of information has been hard, but fulfilling, work.

7 months and 14 days ago, I wrote my first blog entry about our morning meetings, titled “Monday Morning Communication.” The style was free-wheeling, words gesticulating like excited hands, like the world outside – now – finally - summer! But as I’m writing this, the sun yawns, the breeze and yellow-orange of morning absorb each other, slow to a muted gold, refined and solid – a reflection of the experience I have gained. I have become more exacting, more knowledgeable about the message on hold and audio marketing industry. I learned to produce, to be efficient, to pitch projects and pursue them to completion.

Holdcom now has a corporate Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profile. Our newsletter open rate has shot up [and remained consistent] at 10-12%. We have one completed whitepaper [and two in the final stages]. We overhauled the content on our website, updating and rejuvenating our online presence. Weekly blog meetings were established, which not only encouraged creative thinking, but created a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Holdcom now has official video department, as well as a solidified long term social marketing vision.

I want to thank Andy, Harvey, and Neil for this opportunity, and I am proud to have been a member of the Holdcom Team, and wish all the best for the future [which I can’t reveal now, but holds great things in store].

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