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Using Message on Hold in a Real Time World

Message On Hold, Communicate, Hold time OptimizationThe globalized, plugged in community of today’s world is always looking for a quick fix and fast information.  While your customers are on hold, are they forced to wait for a representative who can speak to them, or is your MOH (message on hold) targeted to provide them with timely, frequently requested information?

Communicating with customers while they are on hold brings us back to the topic of HTO (hold time optimization), which is the process of making the most of your customers’ time on hold.  Here are some problems that professional on hold marketing can solve:

  • A busy client just wants to know your business hours and holiday schedule.  Do they have to listen to all of your voice prompts, or can they get this information right away?
  • If you have new promotions, you can share them with your customers while they are waiting to speak to you directly
  • If your business is transitioning--a new name or tagline, a change in management or ownership, multiple new hires--a new voice prompt or message on hold can let your customers know
  • If you are playing a radio station while your customers are on hold, they might hear the DJ plugging your competition
  • The nature of your business might mean that customers are stressed out when they call you.  Music  on hold for doctors offices, for example, is best if it relaxes your patients and doesn’t work them into more of a frenzy
  • Ever sit in a silent waiting room?  What could be more uncomfortable?  And with silence on hold, your customers might think they've been disconnected.
  • On hold messages are a great way to share community or company news
  • It's easy for a customer to feel neglected on hold.  Valuable on hold content will make them feel appreciated.

A caller on hold is someone who has already reached out to you, wants to speak to you, and likely wants to hear more.  On hold communication can provide endless ways for you to reach your customers and promote your business successfully. A simple change to your on hold message can have a tremendous impact.

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