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Professional Voicemail Messages on Your Cell Say You Mean Business!

As the saying goes, you can never get a second chance at a first impression. This is a crucial lesson to remember, especially in the business world. When communicating with customers and clients, a professional voicemail greeting on your cell phone can make the difference.

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It's fair to say that today, most of us could manage without a land line but would feel a little lost without a cell phone. Smart phones are now a virtual business necessity, often provided by companies for their employees. They are portable, convenient, mini computers that store everything we need (and lots of what we don't!) in one pocket-sized device.

Given its ubiquity and importance to your image and business relationships, don't you think it's time to update your cell phone voicemail greeting with something a little more professional? 

Here's the truth: In this day and age, clients and colleagues will, at some point, be calling you on your mobile phone. And when you aren't available to answer the call, they will hear your voicemail greeting. And at some point, a new client will call your cell phone while you're in a meeting, it will go to voicemail, and they'll hear your outgoing message.

So how do you sound? Like a true business professional or some guy playing fantasy football? Don't you want your clients to hear a professional voice recording instead of a casual "Hi you have reached John Doe, leave a message"? 

Above all else, when someone hears your voicemail, you should present yourself as a trustworthy professional, ready to work with clients and get the job done. For your voicemial greeting, audio quality matters. Here are some tips for writing and recording a professional voicemail recording:

  • Make sure you record your message in a quiet room.
  • Start with a greeting, followed by stating your full name, title, and company.
  • Deliver your message in a friendly yet professional tone.
  • Don't make your voicemail greeting too long. Keep it simple.
  • If you have a strong accent, or English isn't your first language- Ask someone with a clear and understandable voice to record your message.
  • If this list overwhelms you, consider using a professional voice over talent to record your message.

Keep in my mind that you are looking to impress the caller, or at the very least, make a good impression. Professional voicemail message greetings are key. The better you sound, the better your company sounds. Think of it as a way of professionalizing yourself through an audio voice, even if it's not your own. After all, your are always marketing yourself and your business, and in this case, audio marketing. Why not make it as professional and appealing as possible.

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