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Using Message on Hold as a Call-to-Action

Audio has proven to be an effective way of reinforcing a call to action in marketing and customer service initiatives. Often times, audio is a component of a marketing strategy, but in the area of on hold marketing, it is the sole marketing component and the one that can make effective impressions on your customer base. We are now witnessing social media networks, specifically Twitter, adopting these audio marketing strategies through call to acon-hold-marketing-can-be-a-call-to-actiontion techniques.

Call to actions implemented in message on hold communication are particularly effective for businesses.  Consider this:

  • The person on hold is already interested in your service or product in one way or another so why not utilize that hold time in a positive manner?
  • Marketing messages on hold gives your company the chance to market itself during a caller's wait time. This marketing opportunity can be anything from providing information about your company, telling them what your Twitter handle is, announcing special promotions, or letting them know about other services your company provides.
  • So much of message on hold content can be a call to action because the essence of the message is encouraging the customer on hold to further explore your company or lay the groundwork for them to do business with your company in the future.

Using message on hold as a call to action has statistically proven to be an effective audio marketing tool. 15-20% of callers that hear a message on hold will do something positive with the information they hear while waiting on the line. A trumping 88% of callers prefer to hear a message on hold rather than radio, music or silence. We are now in a world of always-on customer interaction. Hold time provides the platform for audio communication through delivering professional human narrated voices stating a call to action. This message on hold call to action ideology stems from the value of customized marketing messages directed to the right people at the right moment.

Look for Part 2 of this blog topic focusing on how the new social media world is mimicking audio marketing's call to action tactic.

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