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Audio Marketing Influences Twitter's New Feature

Long before the social media phenomena, telephone on hold messages were a dynamic way to increase brand awareness and product and service availability by informing telephone callers about new offerings and encouraging callers to inquire further.  More recently, social media has mimicked this call to action tactic.  And now Twitter, following the trend initiated by on hold marketing in the 80's, announced earlier this week that they have added a tool, the "follow button" that is sure to generate more active users by one click of a mouse.

When visiting a website that features a company, service or person you are interested in learning more about, there is a "follow button" that you can click and instantly follow that compay or person.  If you have been living under a rock, or one of those people that avoid social media, this new technology is designed for YOU!


The new "follow button" is an ingenious way to gain followers and acts as a call to action button. This makes life easier for those who are still lacking Twitter skills, and those who are inactive on Twitter. The "follow button" is embedded and posted on websites so an individual can simply click and automatically follow whoever or whatever they were researching without having to log on to Twitter, search, and come across imposters or unverified accounts.  For those with an historical perspective, this idea relates closely to the call to action philosophy behind messages on hold (MOH) and audio marketing.

The "follow button" capability is a great way for businesses especially to gain interested followers.  Similar to the way audio marketing and call to action works, if someone visits your company's site, they are likely to be interested in your product or brand.  How interested? Well, now businesses can look at this Twitter tool as a beneficial way to see just how interested these people are, by how many people decide to click to follow their company.

Companies rely on marketing strategies to bring in more business. Through the evolution of technology and social media, marketers have taken advantage of the web to implement marketing campaigns and gain business prospects. The Internet provides a limitless target reach. Before the Internet, audio marketing has proven itself to be an effective way of expressing call to action.  Stemming from earlier audio marketing techniques, Twitter is now applying the same method through a different system. Thank you on hold marketing and call to action for laying the foundation for this valuable marketing tool in the social media world.

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