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Creating Website Audio

website audioWebsites have become essential parts of brand messaging.  They’re the space where a company lays out their products, their philosophy, their history, and more.   Audio branding, also called sound branding and sonic branding, is the process of using audio to enhance brand image.  Essentially, in time, you’re asking your customers to associate a sound with your brand, like AOLs “You’ve got mail!”   Conclusion: is a great way to add a "voice" to your brand.

Here are some ways to incorporate sound into your website:


  • Create an audio logo—something you say or customers hear every time they visit your website, call you on the phone, watch one of your YouTube videos.  Jendi from created a video about the importance of audio logo associations.
  • Create an audio welcome message for your website, introducing first-time visitors to your brand, website, and site navigation.
  • Record client testimonials to make them more personal
  • Record webinars and teleconferences for future website visitors to hear and download
  • Create a “Tip of the Day” or “Tip of the Week” feature that is an audio or video message.  The result is twofold: customers hear a corporate “voice” and they’ll keep visiting the site to get your tips!
  • Make some “How-to” features or Demos that incorporate personal audio, highlighting your products, services, and voice


Jack Phillips at suggests keeping audio messages short and informative with a casual yet professional tone.  Of course, you don’t want to force your visitors into listening to the audio, so he also suggests either giving visitors the option of playing the message or shutting it off permanently.

Martin Lindstrom, author of BRAND sense, conducted a survey and found that only 5% of users turn off website audio, while 93% of visitors find sound useful when present on a website.  Despite the amount of people who want to hear sound online, very few websites are actually incorporating audio components into their websites.  By creating a website with sound, you’re creating an audio brand and taking steps to make your website—and your company—stand out.

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