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Be Kind to Your Message on Hold System

As effective as on hold marketing has proven to be since it's inception back in the 80's, it's still a back burner issue for many businesses...sometimes literally (see below). We get that... sort of. It's not out front, in your face marketing that everyone who works for Equipment-Message On Holda company is inescapably aware. Instead it's behind the scenes, but in the ears of every caller, every time they're put on hold. Sadly, that second class status often extends to the attention given to the Message On Hold player that is essential to it's effectiveness. Functionality issues caused by the misplacement of MOH equipment has been a common symptom throughout the years among customers that self-install their unit.  Message On Hold players are digital technology. They're electronic. And they have feelings. Well not feelings, but they have limits, so consider where you install your equipment and what you subject it to.

Common mistakes made with Message On Hold Systems:

What We Witnessed

Why This  Leads to System Malfunction

Placing the unit near or on a heat producing device

(Such as furnace-see "back burner" above)

- The audio equipment is sensitive to heat from another object.

- Potential for internal damage to the unit.

Hanging the audio system from the ceiling dangling from the power and phone wires.

- The wires and audio cable can loosen or snap, which leads to disconnection and silence on hold.

- Having the audio equipment suspended from the ceiling by crucial wires can damage the power and phone line.

Message On Hold equipment was placed next to power transformers and compressor rooms.

- Nearby electrical fields can interfere with audio wavelengths.

- Source of vibrations that can loosen wire connections.

Placing audio equipment in areas prone to moisture or flooding.

- Water damage leads to voltage spikes that destroy internal components.

- Can inhibit remote load functionality.












How to take care of your Message On Hold equipment:

1. Mount your system on the wall or place it on a shelf with ventilation on all sides.

2. Place your unit away from any heat producing areas or sources of electrical power.

3. Make sure that your system is in a dry area that will stay dry.

4. Use surge protectors where unit is plugged to AC power.


If you're experiencing any issues with your MOH digital announcer or program playback, be sure to contact our tech department at or go online an open a service ticket. Tech support can also be reached at 800.666.6465. If you're already an active customer, tech support is included as part of your contract.

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