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Places to "Display" Your Audio Brand

audio, sonic brand, social mediaCreating a cohesive brand can be a daunting task, but when it's approached systematically, you can have great results.  Part of your brand building campaign should be creating a sonic brand - the processing of creating a sound profile that accompanies your brand imagery and reinforces the feeling of your brand.  An audio brand is like a spokesperson: It gives your company a human touch. 

Once you have started using audio to enhance your brand, here are some places where you can use sound to reach your customers:

  • Social media websites traditionally use text, not sound.  Bu incorporating audio into your social networking messages, you can stand out from the crowd.  You can start by recording audio tweets that you can use to accompany messages on twitter or Facebook, allowing you to move beyond the 140 character limit.  Your message can be anything--happy birthday, breaking company news, promotional codes.  Consider compiling these short messages to create a podcast (below).  Putting the extra time into recording audio for social media shows that you are dedicated to delivering great content to your fans and followers.   
  •  Your phone system allows customers to really hear your voice.  You can greet callers with your audio logo before launching them into your IVR script, or play it right before a representative picks up the phone.  Your message on hold script should coincide with your brand image, as the "voice" of your message on hold is the "voice" of your company.  Your on hold marketing program should really speak to your customers and tell them information about your company that will benefit them.  Selecting appropriate voice talent allows you to control how your customers hear your message.
  • Your Website  is another huge contact point between you and the world.  By incorporating audio into your website, you can really wow customers with your professionalism and reinforce your brand image.  When first considering website audio, consider using sound to enhance online navigation, just like you would use it in your IVR system.  You might want to greet visitors with your audio logo and post how-to and "tip of the week" videos to keep them coming back.
  •  Emails - Create special audio greeting cards that you can send to your customers.  Happy Holidays messages, special promotions, "Happy Birthday" songs, and breaking company news all have greater impact when seen and heard. Again, taking the extra time to
  • Your personal voicemail is a great space for branding if people associate you with your brand on a personal level and call your cell phone. If this is the case, use the same audio branding techniques you have used elsewhere as part of your professional cell phone greeting.  Keeping it branded and professional instills customer confidence.
  •  Podcasts, like videos and your website, should be coherent with your brand image.  You can compile audio tweets into a podcast or offer it as a breaking news broadcast for subscribers.  Keep it concise, informative, and interesting so customers--and potential customers--will want to hear what you have to say.
  •  Your store or office can be a great platform for your audio brand.  In your store, you might want to let your visitors hear your audio logo before you give them an overhead announcement.  This will lead them to associate your logo with your voice.  In an office setting, you might want to have clients hear the sound they associate with you when they come in for a visit.  In both cases, allowing your in-person visitors to "hear" your brand can be as simple as selecting the appropriate background music or recording audio in the correct tone of voice.

Anywhere you make a "sound", it can be appropriate to assess how your audio brand can be included.  By giving the world a range of opportunities to hear your "voice," you are giving everyone the chance to know your brand.

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