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Increasing Quality Through Audio Marketing Initiatives

No matter what industry you are in, customers value quality. Especially when the competition is fierce, you are expected to provide the best quality for the right price.  By focusing on quality in every step of your sales process, you can satisfy customers.  In fact, quality and efficiency should be the main focus in every department of your company.  A happy customer directly impacts your company because loyalty will be established, therefore enhancing your image and reputation. Having a positive reputation among customers and the public leads to consistent customer retention. Building a good reputation starts with providing excellence in quality and customer service. How do top brands provide quality to their customers? How does audio marketing influence satisfaction in customer service quality?

Incorporating simple audio marketing tactics can generate a positive impact among customers and clients. What kinds of audio will help you bring the most quality to your brand? Start with these:

Message On Hold

The quality of a company’s on hold message is a direct reflection on the company itself, especially for conveying professionalism. Providing quality content is the best place to start.

If you answer FAQ's in your MOH, some callers may have their questions answered while holding, before reaching you personally. Some of these customers, upon having their question answered, will hang up the phone, relieved to not have to hold any longer for a representative and satisfied with the service they received. Others will continue to hold, and be better informed about their question when they do reach a representative.Message on hold-IVR

You can also consider using your Message On Hold to announce promotions, events, trade show attendance, community service initiatives, and more. Upon hearing these offerings, with their interest piqued, callers may go on to ask a representative for more information. Letting your callers know about events and other company happenings keeps them up-to-date, ideally stimulating interaction with you. Knowing you participate in these events also allows callers to see your company as "human."

Hold time is the perfect opportunity to share your social media information with callers. The social media hype continues to spread throughout businesses in all industries. Give callers your Twitter handle, Facebook name, and where they can find you on LinkedIn through your Message on Hold. Social Media gives your business extra contact points, which your callers will appreciate. The quality of your response time and helpfulness is a key factor when communicating to customers through these social networking sites.

IVR Announcements

The purpose of IVR systems is to direct callers quickly and efficiently. Interactive Voice Response systems provide pristine accuracy in routing calls and eliminates wrong transfers. IVR systems can handle hundreds of calls at the same time. Calls get answered on the first ring, and effectively move callers through the system, getting them to the correct representative in a timely manner. IVR systems provide and promote quality in customer service, organization, and efficiently.

Your IVR announcement should be warm and friendly because it is the customer's first impression of your company. Make sure to clearly direct your callers. Writing your IVR Script the right way is a way to ensure your IVR system is efficient.

  • When giving callers a menu, say  "For Sales, Press 3," not "Press 3 for Sales." Usually, callers have a person or department in mind. By saying the contact name first, followed by the number, the name will trigger the corresponding prompt.
  • The first option of your IVR system should be an "opt-out" option that connects callers to a representative. This way, they know they can reach a "real person" at any time--instant gratification.
  • If possible, automate your IVR systems for simple sales procedures, such as bill payment. This reduces the workload of representatives, allowing your team to be more effective and efficient.

Music On Hold

Combining Message On Hold marketing with music on hold is a critical step. Music fills the space between your messages and background music lets callers know they haven't been hung up on Don't forget, choosing the appropriate kind of music is essential for optimizing your customer's hold time. Combining telephone hold music with Message On Hold can further increase customer satisfaction. In fact, 88% of callers prefer a combination of Message On Hold and and Music On Hold, and hold three times longer than any other on hold strategy. The music entertains while the message informs resulting in high quality hold time. Remember to choose music that will appeal to your customers and to use only legally licensed music.

Enhance the quality of your product or service by providing information to your customers. Audio messages create quality content and are a valuable asset to customer service. By providing your customers with quality, you will stand out from competitors and gain a positive reputation. Customers like to know that you care and that you are there to assist them--so let them hear it.


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