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How Are You Engaging Your Clients?

Engaging your clients is more challenging than ever before. Between your website, your Facebook page, your telephone, your Twitter account, printed marketing materials, press releases...the list goes on and on, and things can feel overwhelming.  So we suggest a simple approach: Ask questions or create calls to action.

Why? Because questions and Calls to action require active responses, prompting answers and results.

Answering questions is the first step your clients and prospects will take into creating a dialogue with you. Asking a question allows them to think about their own feelings, needs, or problems, and share them with you. Consider incorporating questions into multiple marketing strategies:


Social Media

Having influence in the social media world means forming personal connections. What's more personal than a question? On the Holdcom Twitter and Facebook pages, we try to ask our fans and followers questions as often as possible. You might ask something as simple as, "Do you like our new Twitter background?" or go more in depth and ask a question related to your products or services. If you have a new friend or follower, maybe you just ask, "Tell me more about what yourself" (or "...what you do" for a business). Asking questions on social media keeps content fresh and encourages users to interact with your page.

Messages On HoldCustomer Engagement with Message On Hold

Callers on hold are literally waiting to hear from you, and hold time is a useful point to let callers know that you want to hear from them. When you're introducing your callers to a new product or service, consider using phrasing like "Have you heard about..." or "Be sure to ask your representative about..." These phrases tell your callers that you're interested in offering them something new and valuable. They also tell callers that they can feel comfortable and confident bringing these topics up when they reach you on the phone. They might not have been thinking about your new product, but now you've put it in their head. If you're bringing up an interesting talking point, such as attendance at a convention, why not start with "Did you know that..." Have you won any awards lately? Be sure to tell your callers, and prompt them to ask you about it. Make sure your call representatives are thoroughly prepared and knowledgeable in discussing the topics your present on your Message On Hold program.


Like social media, e-mails are a great place to ask questions. An e-mail is direct one-on-one communication that people know to "reply" to. Unlike social media, it's private and most everyone is familiar with it. It's the next best thing to the phone. So, if you are expecting replies to a marketing e-mail, be sure to pose a question to the recipients. It might be in the same format as your Message on Hold or social media, or something more specific.  You can consider asking "Would you like more information about our newest promotions?" or even present a poll.

Asking questions says "I'm listening" and "I want to hear from you," so asking is a good tactic to get people talking. Your goal might be a personal conversation on the phone, building a twitter following, or promoting your newest products--either way, enticing customers to share their voice presents a contact zone where you can listen, reply, and receive feedback.


What questions have you asked recently?



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