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Choosing the Right Message on Hold Equipment

The scary side of implementing your Messages On Hold can be picking the right equipment. Here's how to make sure your technology allows you to get the most out of your on hold marketing:

  • Find out the capabilities of your phone system. If you have ITChoosing the right message on hold equipment personnel, ask them if your phone system has Message On Hold capabilities (most do) and if you are using traditional telephone service or VoIP. If you don't have an IT department, contact the vendor who set up your phone system to answer these questions. It's important think about the telephone equipment you already have before deciding what kind of MOH equipment to buy, because not all phone systems work with every kind of MOH equipment.
  • Think about how often you would like to update your on hold messages. If you are planning on updating at least quarterly, a remote load system might best suit your needs. If you are updating less frequently, twice a year or less, a CD loader or mp3 flash drive player could be a better fit.
  • Consider how many locations you have. Follow the same advice as above: if you have multiple locations, choose a remote load system for consistency. If you have a single location, choose a CD loader or mp3 player. 
  • Assess your comfort level with technology. If you decide to use a remote load system, you won't have to lift a finger when it comes to your Message On Hold system. If you are deciding between a CD loader or mp3 flash drive player, think about it this way: are you more at ease changing a CD or moving files around on your computer? Don't get in over your head--choose a system you're comfortable with. 

With these taken into consideration, the question remains: Which system should you choose? The benefits:

  • Remote Load Systems
    • Allow Message On Hold programs to be instantly downloaded to your system with no waiting time while programs are shipped
    • Require less lead time for time-sensitive projects
    • Can change programs at precisely scheduled times
    • Eliminate personnel involvement in receiving, handling, and downloading programs
    • Archive your MOH programs on remote servers for any time access
    • Create consistency across multiple sites
  • CD Loaders and mp3 Flash Drive Players
    • Have great sound quality
    • Reliable playback
    • Easy to use
    • Messages are easily changed by copying an audio file or inserting a new CD.

Choosing the right Message On Hold equipment isn't always the easiest thing to figure out, but it's one of the most important steps to achieving success in on hold marketing. The wrong equipment can prevent you from being heard, while the right equipment will having you sounding crystal clear.

Want to learn more about equipment options for Messages on Hold? Watch some of our instructional videos.

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