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How to Creatively Use Audio to Effectively Reach Customers

There are numerous ways to use professional audio to enhance your business and customer service initiatives. Message On Hold programs and phone system announcements are common ways to use audio in customer service, but thinking outside the box can help you connect with and help customers on a different level. Here's some that we've implemented for our customers that might apply to your business, or perhaps get you thinking of other ways that professional audio can help you:

Using Pronunciation Audio Guides as an eLearning Tool:eTraining-Pronunciation

There is no doubt that training is a crucial part of every business, but is often a time-consuming task. It is important that each employee is trained thoroughly, gaining the necessary knowledge of their job expectancies, company information, rules, and guidelines. But how do you make the most of the training time without having to divert to much of your human resources to this task?

Real Life eLearning Example

The owner of wine bar wanted his employees to be educated about wine selection and name pronunciation. By providing staff with professional recordings of the correct ways to pronounce the wine offered, his staff will no longer run the risk of mispronouncing a wine's name.

How eLearning affected his staff:

After training, the employees sounded knowledgeable, eloquent, and professional when interacting with customers. They were able to accurately pronounce and described wines being offered. And this training did not require taking the time of other employees at the business.

Create an Audio Giveaway for Customers' Education:

Exceed customer’s expectations. Superior customer service is the leading factor that impacts the reputation of a service-oriented business. Owners of these types of businesses are always looking to enhance their customer services tactics to increase customer retention and their business reputation. Audio can take your customer service strategies to the next level, making your business positively stand out among competitors.

Real Life Customer Service Example:

To help educate customers, the owner of an auto body shop gives his tow truck drivers CDs with professionally produced audio to inform those in car accidents of their "Rights as a Motorist". Included in this CD is insurance information, post-accident tips, and what to expect after a car accident. What better way to create awareness about your business, while providing a public service?

The Impact of Customer Service CDs

Once they receive a CD after a car accident, those invloved are given the steps they need to take to geet back on the road. Any worries or fears they have are assuaged. Because the CD features a professionally written and recorded script with professional audio, it sounds great and reassures drivers. The company looks professional, reliable, and exceeds customer expectations, while building their brand. It is a win-win situation.

Use audio at the most relevant time:


When is the right time to use professional audio? When you have a captive audience, like when callers are on hold. Are there other times when you have a captive audience?

Real Life Marketing Example:

The owner of a limousine company puts a large portion of her time and marketing efforts into “wedding exhibitions,” where brides and grooms to-be go to see the various wedding service providers. Knowing her target audience at this specific venue, she plays audio programs in her limo while couples are taking a look. The program features great music and professionally recorded messages explaining the range of her services.

How relatant audio helps customers:

When you have a captive audience, whether it's on the phone, in a store, or even in a limousine, audio messages really sink in, helping you feature your product line, service offerings, or special deals more effectively and efficiently.

These are just a few out-of-the-box audio strategies that have benefited different types of business we've worked with here at Holdcom. Whether your goal is to increase customer satisfaction, market to a specific target, or enhance employee training programs, audio can play a significant and affordable role.

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