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Hold Music Alone is Not Enough

Leaving your callers in silence is one of the biggeston hold music versus messages on hold mistakes you can make, but leaving your callers listening to music can be equally as ineffective. Choosing the wrong hold music can have terrible consequences: frequent hang ups and irritated callers. Omitting on hold messages means you miss a major opportunity to market to, inform, and communicate with your callers.

The wrong on hold music can make your customers crazy, so it's important to select music that appeals to your target customers. The key is remembering that the music you choose isn’t for you; it’s for your callers. So if you love Classic Rock but your customer base gravitates toward 80s pop, you should deliver the sound they want to hear. It sounds obvious, but it's easy to choose personal preferences when selecting hold music. Make sure you take the time to choose the right hold music

As important as choosing the right music is delivering messages that engage your callers. If you've chosen correctly, your callers will love your hold music--but you can still do more to reach them. By adding professionally produced messages to your hold music, you’re giving callers a little bit extra. You’re taking their hold time and optimizing it, embracing them as a captive audience. No matter what music you offer your callers on hold, punctuating it with messages means callers get to hear your "voice." In fact, most callers prefer to hear a combination of music and messages on hold, not one or the other. Giving your callers information helps them learn more about your business, become familiar with your brand, and keep themselves in the know about your events and offers. You can use the phone to connect with callers, making them active participants in your business, instead of casual listeners.

Sometimes, people think “should I have Music on Hold or Message on Hold?” In reality, it’s not a question that needs to be asked—you should have both. Combining music with your message keeps callers interested, engaged, and at ease when they take the time to reach out to you. Message On Hold vs. Music On Hold sounds like a great debate—but it really isn’t.

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