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Website Audio Can Improve Sales

Sales strategies have changed dramatically since the emergence of the Internet, while other technological advancements have provided increased efficiency, speed, and convenience for customers. More and more, consumers and business customers, rely on websites to learn more about businesses, products, and services. Your company's website is a representative and direct reflection of your business that factors into a customer's decision-making process. And just as in brick and mortar where the entire customer experience is in play, so too are all the available elements of an effective website, from content to visual appeal, as well as audio content and delivery. Only by harnessing all the available elements to reach and influence your website visitors, can you take full advantage of your website's sales and customer service potential.

Here is what can do for your brand:

  • Build a personal connection and generate a positive reputation. A consistent, familiar voice added to your website, can enhance your brand and build trust. If visitors trust your business, they are more likely to buy.
  • Professional human voice encourages visitors to stay on your site longer, or increase "stickiness, allowing more time for visitors to search your website and become engaged in the content you provide.
  • Sales messages that impact two or more senses are much more effective than those that reach only one. People remember only 20% of what they read, but remember 70% of what they hear. Website audio allows your message to be seen and heard increasing customer audio improves sales
It is common for most people to scan a website; however, using audio messages allows people to absorb the content differently. Even if the website visitor is not actively listening, their brain is still processing the audio stimuli.

Ways to use website audio:

  • Audio testimonials show credibility of your products and allows the opportunity to present real customer voices, reactions, and comments.
  • Use audio to talk directly to your visitors:
    • Explain the benefits of your products and services.
    • Express how your business is unique and stands out from competitors.
    • Discuss your customer service initiatives and product guarantees.
  • Implement and audio tutorials to educate interested consumers and aid in answering Frequently Asked Questions.

To sell to your hard won website visitors, you must engage them. Use audio to leverage your website's marketing potential and create an enhanced impact on your target's senses. By stimulating your website visitors' eyes AND ears, your site's sales potential increases dramatically.

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