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Time Sure Flies When You're Not Updating on Hold Messages

Frozen TimeYesterday I was reading an article online about the perception of time and how time is perceived differently by different people at different times under different conditions.  It argued that when we are involved in an activity or enjoyable event, time seems to fly by.  When we are under stress or witness to a scary event, time slows down or freezes.

Yesterday we also received responses to an email campaign we had sent out to certain customers reminding them that their Message On Hold program content might need updating.  One of the responders was somewhat irate, claiming that they had in fact updated their content recently and that our email was some kind of sales scam. 

Taken aback, I checked the status of the irate customer's account and discovered that she had changed the music of her program two years ago, but had not changed a word of text.  The last time she changed the content, that is, the last time she indicated that things had changed in her business, such as products, services, operating hours, websites, fax numbers, etc. etc.... was 2003.  I'm writing this in 2011.  That's a long time for nothing to happen. No wonder time was standing still for this customer.

I explained her status and offered to send her current script.  At first she couldn't believe that eight years had passed but then agreed to look at her current script.  When she received it, she couldn't believe how much of the content was obsolete.  She set about making changes as quickly as she could.  Everything else had changed in her marketing and customer service content, brochures, marketing letters, website content, but not her on hold message.

By the way, this woman's business gets a few hundred calls a day, with almost every caller remaining on hold for at least half a minute.  That's a lot of minutes, hours, weeks... and years, to be telling your customers the wrong information about your business.

If your business is frozen in time, or if it appears frozen in time to your callers, you should thaw it out.

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