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10 Business Podcasting Ideas

Ideas for Business PodcastsA podcast is like an audio blog—a short burst of content that allows you to deliver an interesting, informative message. Whether you're blogging or podcasting, thinking of new content can be difficult. Still, creating a podcast provides your business with an increased opportunity to build a following and reach your clients and prospects. When you’re thinking of ideas for a podcast, start with what you already know:

  1. Create an episode of your podcast as a follow up to one of your most popular blogs. Blog articles that are frequently read, commented on, and shared through social media have the kinds of content that your audience is interested in. Maybe the topic is controversial or perhaps you’ve described a complex, technical issue—either way, take this popular topic a step further by podcasting about it. Once you’ve recorded the podcast, link to it on the original blog post. Capitalizing on popular blog posts also allows you to grow your podcast’s following.
  2. Answer frequently asked questions. When you use your website to answer FAQs, you use words to be concise while remaining informative. If you have frequently asked questions that can be answered more specifically, use a podcast to give the in depth answer.
  3. Give listeners a set of tips about one particular topic. Think about “How to” or “Dos and Don’ts” segments that address the needs of your customers.
  4. Discuss the “hot topics” at your office. Keep it professional, though. For example, we asked around the office to see if people used one space or two at the end of a sentence, and found that people have very strong, specific feelings about each.
  5. Have a conversation with someone from your company. By bringing in another voice, any content becomes more engaging and dynamic.
  6. Deliver news about your company. You can introduce new staff members, highlight new services, or announce newly opened locations.
  7. Interview a client or industry expert. If you choose to interview a client, you can feature them as “Client of the Month,” highlighting them and discussing why they use your business. When interviewing an expert, make sure they are delivering content that your listeners want to hear. You can poll your subscribers and ask them what topics they want to learn more about, and deliver the podcast accordingly.
  8. Talk about your case studies. If you’ve done something noteworthy for a client, like solved a particularly difficult problem, use one of your podcasts to discuss it. The key here is not to try to sell to listeners, rather to show them that problems can be solved creatively.
  9. Turn your newsletter into a podcast. It’s okay to have a written article and an audio file. Use the writing as a transcript and embed the files into your website. You can also deliver them on their own, for people on the go who would rather listen than read.
  10. Talk about yourself. Personality is what really makes podcasts successful. If you interject personal anecdotes and make yourself more relatable, you give your company a human face.

As you record your podcasts, be sure you are delivering useful content with a clear, professional voice. If you want to create a podcast but have a heavy accent or don’t have the time to rehearse and record, consider having the audio professionally produced. You can find a voice that matches your brand and still conveys a human touch. Content is king, but only if it is delivered well.


What are your favorite ways to come up with new content?

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