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Using the Five "Eyes" to Create Valuable Audio Marketing Content

Audio is a tool that can be used to increase your brand’s visibility in traditional and internet marketing initiatives. Strategically incorporating audio can be a means to attracting new business and communicating with longtime clients. A key to successful marketing is visibility, which is often established by creating interesting, informative content.Help for Audio Marketing Content Ideas

Creating content that improves your visibility can be a challenge, so when you’re brainstorming new content ideas, see if it follows one (or more!) of the 5 “eyes.”

  1.  Inform: Your facility can use audio marketing services such as Message on Hold to promote traffic to their website or Facebook Fan Page. Letting people know that you have social media accounts is the first step in building your following. Continue to inform your followers by building a mobile database that you can use to broadcast to cell phones with customized messages.
  2.  Inspire: Your company can use Message on Hold old as a call to social action. You can highlight any aspect of your business, from products to staff, through your Messages On Hold. Your friendly IVR announcements can help keep callers engaged and facilitate their interaction with your brand. If your content is inspiring, it can start conversations on the phone and online.
  3. Introduce: While a customer is waiting on hold, share personal anecdotes or biographies about your staff. These messages establish a personal relationship between your facility and the client. Use Message On Hold programs to discuss new products, services, or offers.
  4. Interact: Customer blogs can incorporate audio. Personal cell phone messages facilitate relations between staff and clients. Using audio in a social media setting allows you to bring your voice to a medium traditionally associated only with the visual. Stimulating a second sense allows you to create greater impact.
  5. Involve: Announce breaking news stories, milestones, and anniversaries.  Allow your clients, followers, fans, and prospects the opportunity to become involved with your content through blog comments, newsletter contributions, and social media pages. Consider inviting clients to record audio testimonials for inclusion on your website, harmonizing their voice with yours.

 Content matters. It’s not enough to blindly produce content, either. It must be cultivated, cared for, and analyzed. By using the five “eyes,” you can “see” how your content might function. Does it inform? Will it inspire further action from callers or website visitors? Does it introduce something or someone new? Does it create interaction and involvement? If you can apply these questions to your content, chances are it’s interesting, valuable, and appealing to customers.

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