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Using Professional Message On Hold Equipment [Infographic]

Message On Hold programs can be played using a variety equipment and are produced in many file formats. The file format of your program depends on the capabilities of your phone system, but the mp3 format is becoming increasingly popular for producing on hold messages. Some benefits of using mp3s:

  • Better sound quality;
  • Higher memory for longer programs;
  • Less wait time for programs and updates, as files can be retrieved online;
  • Save on shipping costs, because there's nothing to be shipped;
  • Files can be dragged and dropped from equipment onto a Mac or PC. 

Using professional equipment also allows for better Message On Hold program monitoring. Consumer equipment is prone to failure from overheating, power outages, and over use, leaving silence on hold. Professional equipment uses non-volatile flash memory that allows consistent playback and in the event of a power outage, will automatically reboot once power is restored.

As the mp3 becomes a more popular format for Messages On Hold, we’re sometimes asked whether or not it’s appropriate to use a consumer mp3 player to play the message. While this seems like an economical choice—it’s not. In the long run, to ensure the best quality on hold marketing, you need professional equipment. So, we put the consumer mp3 player and the professional-quality, solid-state Flash Drive mp3 player in a head to head battle. Check out the infographic below to see what happened...

Professional Message On Hold Equipment


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