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Your Customers Are Shouting, Are You Listening?

Customer service complaints are being pumped out live, and consistently while the these customers are hot and bothered. Twitter has enabled millions to broadcast their negative customer service experiences to all of their “followers” and maybe their followers' followers.  No longer is there an opportunity to make it right and take back what was already posted on hundreds, possibly thousands of Twitter account holders' feeds.  These comments are searchable, permanent, and powerful. Gone is the cool down period.  When consumers are unhappy, don't be surprised if they shout it from the tops of their smart phones. 

However, did you ever think about how these comments can help your business? Listening to these constructive (although sometimes brutal) comments, you will realize what areas of customer service you may need to pay more attention to, like your on hold message. Below are just a few samples of some unhappy customers who did not receive the service they expected.  If you still think you can put off updating your Message On Hold content, then I encourage you to read angry on phone and comp 2 104791744 resized 600

- @bestbuy horrible customer service via phone. should not take 2 hours to order something.

- #onhold 45 minutes on the phone to find out where my package is, DHL needs to get it together, your customer service is horrible!!

- Absolutely horrible customer service experience with @Airtel_Presence call center. Onhold .. escalation. And they CHARGE me for support??

- When I am 'on hold', it feels so wrong when a song ends and nobody picks up the line. #onhold #awkwardsilence

- Been on hold  for over 40 minutes with @AireCanada. Hope I don't fall asleep before they answer.

 - Is there such a thing as a "smooth jazz" song that ends or do they all just fade out? #onhold #notafan

Many social media complaints revolve around the same general pain points. Use these comments as reasons to improve that area of customer service. Your out of date on hold message, and inefficient call flow will not go unnoticed. In fact, call processing systems are one of the leading customer service complaints tweeted and blasted out via social media. See for yourself who and what customer's are complaining about by hash-tagging #onholdwith and #badcustomerservice on your Twitter account.

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