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Trim the Fat in Your IVR Announcements

Listening to IVR announcements is inevitable. They are necessary for efficient call processing, but in today's fast-paced society, callers are looking for immediate responses. However, there are some quick-fixes to make your IVR recordings more tolerable and concise. Here are some tips:

  • Following the “make it quick” model, review your IVR scripts for unnecessary words.  Customers will not hear a difference between “please press one” and “press one.” Can you reasonably read through your IVR script without running out of breath? If you can't, remove the extraneous words, including "please" and "thank you."
    • An occasional ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ is fine. It is the repetition that becomes redundant and loses sincerity. describe the image
  • Avoid asking customers to enter information in the IVR only to have them repeat the same thing to the representative.  If your reps must perform live authentication, have the customer use an alternative piece of account verification.
  • If you decide to allow speech-recognition answers, make it clear what the answer needs to be and use two or three syllable responses. Answers of a couple words can work well because they give the system a more precise speech target to search for.
  • Make your business hours an option, not a component of your opening message. Not everyone wants or needs to know your hours of operation. Instead, make it an IVR option.

In order to appease customers and extend their patience, a carefully crafted IVR announcement is key. Two statistically significant drivers of customers’ IVR experience are speed and ease of use. Eliminating unnecessary verbiage and quickly and efficiently directing callers to the right place will increase customer satisfaction and make for a better caller experience.


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