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7 Ways to Use IVR Announcements in Hospitality Telephone Systems

auto attendant for hospitality - resort - mountainsInteractive Voice Response (auto attendant) is a call processing system that allows customers to access a pre-recorded database through keypad input or speech recognition. If you use an IVR system, these announcements, typically voice prompts, can be the first impression potential guests have of your property. Within the hospitality industry, IVR announcements are often used as a guest service tool that can help to connect guests to your facility’s brand.

What information can be included in IVR announcements? The configuration and use is bounded only by your imagination and the capacity of your system. Some common IVR content within the Hospitality Industry is:

  1. Deliver operating hours for a department or property
  2. Provide driving directions to the venue
  3. Direct callers to frequently requested departments, like Catering or Reservations
  4. Offer foreign-speaking guests assistance in their native language
  5. Remind and confirm reservations
  6. Answer frequently asked questions
  7. Give a “seasonal” option with current rates and recreation opportunities

Many callers are frustrated when confronted with a lengthy IVR menu and a hard to navigate phone system. IVR announcements should aim to help potential guests reach the information they’re looking for, not hide it behind endless menus. IVR can help to consolidate menu choices to free up phone lines and decrease hold time, if effectively written. A professionally recorded IVR system with clear prompts and navigation can help to improve satisfaction for guests who are on the phone.

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