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Message On Wheels — Audio in Motion for Hospitality

The Message On Hold concept is this: take the silent, passive telephone on hold time and turn it into an active period of marketing to a captive audience. In real life, as on the phone, there are sometimes unavoidable periods of wait time. If your hospitality venue provides transportation services, like airport shuttles, consider turning travel time into information time. Playing music and marketing messages while guests are in transit allows you to provide information about the area surrounding your venue.

Message On Wheels - Audio Marketing for Hospitality, Hotels, Hotel Shuttles, and Transportation

What kind of content will help guests who are on the go?

  •  Provide information about the area surrounding your venue. Consider including interesting historical facts about your city or property.
  • Promote local businesses and attractions. Focus on those that are open all year in addition to those that are seasonally relevant, like a holiday craft fair or a nearby water park.
  • Highlight your property’s guest rooms, amenities, and special services. Shuttle riders who might not have known about your spa might be interested in a massage after hearing it during their ride.
  • Offer special promotions to users of your transportation service. If the shuttle is travelling to your venue, offer a coupon they can redeem right away. If visitors are leaving your property, offer them a promo for their next visit.

While your guests are in transit, it’s not an intrusion to play a Message On Wheels program. In fact, many travelers appreciate hearing a soothing voice with calm music while they travel. A customized program played over the existing overhead music system of your vehicles can help bring guests up to speed about your venue and the surrounding area before arrival. Essentially, a Message On Wheels program is an audio book version of the guide they’ll find in their hotel room later. Instead of wasting time reading this guide later, guests can be informed effortlessly while they ride.

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