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Proper Audio Ensures Sound Customer Service Communication

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Audio is an important aspect of cCustomer Service Communication - woman on phone at deskustomer service as it is essential to effective communication. Customer service is all about communication, making sure you understand your customers and the things they tell you, and simultaneously ensuring that they have accurate information about your company or a particular product or service. Less than perfect communication is often the cause of many business disputes or dissatisfaction issues. On the phone, improperly executed audio can have an impact in the customer experience from the beginning of the call to the end.
  • Unclear, poorly recorded IVR Announcements. If callers are trying to reach you and are faced with voice prompts that are unclear, either because they have not been professionally recorded or because your IVR menu is just too complicated, customers are bound to be irritated before they even reach a representative. Consider your IVR announcements a first line of defense for effective customer service.
  •  Lack of on hold communication. Do callers know they’re still connected when you put them on hold? Are you keeping them engaged and entertained during hold time, optimizing their experience? If you’re not communicating on hold, you have room for improvement. Message On Hold is an effective way  to reach an already captive audience—take advantage of it.
  • Loud, intrusive background noises present during live conversation can impact the ability of the speaker and listener to share ideas and establish understanding. Additionally, this kind of “noise” present in a conversation can become taxing and unpleasant.
  • Poor quality audio, such as static or volume issues during a phone conversation, can inhibit your points from being heard. Additionally, if your phone line has less than perfect audio, you might come off as unprofessional. A bad phone connection can even cause your interaction to end abruptly, prior to making a valuable connection, before reaching an understanding or resolving the issue at hand.

At every juncture of the call cycle, there’s an opportunity for audio to have a positive, or negative, impact on the customer experience. If you find that the level of your customer service is slipping because of these telephone audio errors, they should be easy to correct. Try to maintain a quiet office environment when you’re on a call. Check with your phone provider to see if your connections can be made clearer. Plan IVR announcements and keep your on hold marketing up to date. By addressing each of these elements, you’ll be going a long way towards improved customer satisfaction.


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