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Adding Audio to Virtual Tours


virtual tour audio - purple ear listening to binaryHave you ever wanted to try something before you bought it, because you’re just not sure how it’s going to work out for you? I know this feeling all too well. Recently, I planned my sister’s bridal shower and a weekend getaway for her bridesmaids. As I scoured the internet looking for appropriate venues and properties, it occurred to me that there is a lack of online representation of spaces within the Hospitality industry. Every website had a few scattered pictures, but none of them provided a good idea of what the space was like. Whenever I found a venue I thought might work, I had to rearrange my schedule, go there, and see it in person. I often found myself thinking, “If only there was a way to look at hospitality properties online…”


Of course, there is a way: the virtual tour. When placed online, virtual tours help to create a realistic view of a space, far exceeding the ability of photos to show how it feels to actually be in a space. Virtual tours can pan, zoom, spin, and more. If they’re particularly well made, they can hold a website visitor’s attention longer than a photo gallery.

Adding audio to a virtual tour increases interaction even more. Audio can be used at the beginning of your tour to greet visitors and introduce them to your venue or property. You can use this welcome greeting as a time to present information that isn’t present in other parts of your tour, like testimonials. Throughout your tour, you can use audio to announce the name and description of particular rooms. You can, for example, describe in detail your restaurant’s most popular dish.

A virtual tour with professional audio can be placed on your portal website, encouraging potential guests to watch and experience what your property is like. I eventually got all of the events planned for my sister, but as a customer, it would have been more convenient and reassuring if I could have taken virtual tours of facilities before making the trek across the state of New Jersey.


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