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Message On Hold Updates: Prepare for the Holidays

Holiday Message On Hold - Pumpkin PiesAs the holiday season rapidly approaches, there are many options for updating your on hold marketing content. To prepare for the month of November, facilities often promote fall newsletters, discuss Thanksgiving and holiday hours, and highlight upcoming special events.

Industry trends we see this time of year include:


  • Restaurants:
    • Continue mentioning Thanksgiving specials
    • Discuss winter holiday promotions
    • Highlight seasonal menu changes
    • Promote private event spaces and catering
  • Hospitality:
    • Holiday rates and packages
    • Space rentals for Holiday and New Year's parties
    • Upcoming events you're hosting
  • Retail
    • Dates of Upcoming in-store and web-only sales
    • Extended hours for holiday shopping 
    • Hot holiday items you have in stock
  • Financial
    • Holiday hours
    • Funds availability schedules due to non-business day
    • Year end tax issues

Keeping seasonal changes in mind is a best practice for on hold communication. In November, your callers won’t want to hear about your expired summer specials or spring safety tips. Don’t let yourself fall behind. By staying ahead of the game, your Messages On Hold can call your customers to action, boosting interactions and potentially increasing sales.


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