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5 Easy Ways to Add Audio to Your Website

website audio helps businesses - computer and phone with blue skyAdding audio to your website can make it more engaging and user-friendly. A website with audio messages can make it more engaging and effective.   With audio prompts, you can clarify written text, eliminating the need for visitors to interpret it.  Hosting audio files can help improve SEO.  Well scripted and produced website audio will even contribute to improving your sales.

If your website doesn’t yet have any audio, here are 5 ways to start adding it:

  1. Play your audio logo. Do you have a sound that you play at the end of advertisements or commercials? An audio logo is a particular sound that people associate with your brand. Like your visual logo, it becomes representative of you when it’s heard.
  2. Create a welcome message. Whether you decide to incorporate video or just use an audio clip, you can write a message to welcome visitors to your website. You can start it with your audio logo, to begin that association, and then write 1 – 2 sentences encouraging visitors to look around your site. You can provide information about visiting specific pages, like promotions, or keep it totally neutral. Either way, a welcome message will help visitors see your business on an approachable and personable level.
  3. Use audio to enhance navigation. Visitors don’t always know where to go when they reach your site. While you can use text and visual cues to make your website easier to navigate, sometimes you might want just a little bit more. Any areas that you want highlighted can be enhanced using audio. Pages that include special offers or news are often highlighted. Additionally, any time you add a new aspect to your website, like a new virtual tour, include a voice over telling guests to check out the new section. Use audio as a call to action that encourages visitors to go to other pages of your site.
  4. Explain the purpose of a page. When a page is launched, you can use audio to give a brief introduction to or summary about the page. Don’t worry about including too many details. Give just enough information to explain the content and entice visitors to read more.
  5. Ask your clients for audio testimonials. If a client sends you an email or letter with a particularly noteworthy testimonial, ask if they would like to record it and have an audio or video clip on your website. These testimonials will stand out more than text-only testimonials and will resonate more with your website visitors and potential clients. Organize them strategically on your site, and take care (with your web developer) to make sure they don’t auto play, and overlap each other.

Don’t neglect the power of audio for making your website engaging and successful. Done correctly, it will keep visitors on your site longer ("stickiness") and improve the overall experience. You can even take your sound a step further and incorporate it into social media websites—but that’s another blog post.

Do you have audio on your website? How to you use sound to enhance your online presence?


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