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How To Create More Buzz with an Audio Press Release

Man giving press conference - how to make a multimedia press releaseOriginally, press releases were meant to reach one key target: traditional print media. While a contemporary press release still aims to entice these traditional journalists, it also needs to appeal to new media and, yes, consumers.   The internet was the driving force behind this shift. As press releases began to be distributed digitally, they became available for consumers via website, blogs, social media, and search engines. According to PR newswire, the digital age has resulted in the production of multimedia press releases. As it turns out, the more you include in your release, the more engagement and readership you can create. Here’s how to use multimedia to generate more buzz:

  • Add Images. Since press releases are being shared online, it’s easier than ever to add images. This visual internet space is ideal for including visual content, whether it’s a photo of a company’s founder, a product, or an infographic. This increases viewership 14%.
  • Add a video. Videos let you get information across without asking your targets to read any text. They can see a product in action and learn more about a company instantly. PR Newswire reports that combining a video and a photo will double engagement.
  • Add audio. A multimedia press release isn’t restricted by the visual cues of writing, images, and video. Following our podcasting best practices, you can have a professional voice over read the release, provide a script with expanded information, narrate your videos, or record an audio boilerplate. You can also record testimonials or quotes from individuals within the company to make them more authentic and effective. Audio can be key for time-crunched journalists and bloggers, because the spoken word can be processed more quickly than text.

An engaged journalist or blogger is more likely to contact you for more information and, ultimately, to publish information about your story. With participation in social media, consumers can also help drive buzz about your release. Multimedia content makes releases more interesting and sharable for consumers, and every press release share results in an average of 2 new views for the press release. Audio makes press releases even more appealing than photos and videos combined. Including all three will increase press release engagement 3.5 times.


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