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Did you know that, in addition to Sound Communication, we also write other free resources about using audio for marketing and customer service strategies? We have a collection of industry-specific guides, tips for creating programs, and slide presentations for visual learners. Are complete collection of audio marketing resources is available on our website—click here

What can you learn from Holdcom?

How to write scripts for Message On Hold and other telephony applications:

  • Off center business phone - how to impliment telephony marketing Guide to Effective Scriptwriting for MOH & Telephony Applications: Working with voice, how to write a pronunciation guide, dialects and accents, writing for on hold marketing, auto attendant greetings, and IVR announcements, online audio
  • Holdcom Script Tips “Greatest Hits”: A compilation of tips from our monthly newsletters, this guide will take you through the arc of scriptwriting, from brainstorming to proofreading. Tips are for your Message On Hold and IVR Announcements, plus writing tips for any application. 

Creating Effective eLearning Programs

  • Tips for eLearning- Increase Engagement with Audio: How to engage your audience, how to write a script for your voiceover talent, how to record your own program, the elements of soun

  • Slide Presentation: Improving your eLearning Presentations with Audio: 5 ways to incorporate audio into eLearning presentations to increase engagement

Professional Voicemail Greetings

How audio can improve patient satisfaction and public relations initiatives for healthcare facilities:

Small Business Owners:

Audio can also be a tool for hospitality properties looking to improve guest services, marketing, and reach:

Of course, you can always visit Sound Communication frequent tips for using audio to enhance marketing and customer service strategies. Keep an eye on our blog—we’ll be continuing to release new content in the coming months! 


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