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How to Select the Right Holiday Hold Music

How to choose royalty free holiday music for on hold - christmas ball with musicIf you check out our holiday music, you’ll see that our selections aren’t limited to Christmas carols and Holiday Hymns, rather we offer a variety of holiday genres, including traditional, rock, pop, and carols. Why? The same track or album isn’t right for every business. In general, we find clients gravitating toward one of three choices: Traditional Carols, Religious themes, and Generic wintery sounds. How do you choose the right holiday music to accompany your Message On Hold?

Generic Winter/Holiday tracks have mass appeal. They’re festive without being holiday centric. They’re fun, and they will probably make customers want to buy mittens. For this reason, generic holiday hold music is ideal for businesses that need to appeal to a wide variety of consumers throughout the winter months. Retail is an ideal industry for this type of programming. Generic “winter” sounds can be played earlier than carols or religious music, as they speak to having a chill in the air, not the holidays on your mind.

Traditional Carols have the wintery sound that most people have grown up hearing. They range from “Frosty the Snowman” to “Deck the Halls,” and can be generally “wintery” or more holiday-specific. Carols have a nostalgic feel that other forms of music often cannot replicate. Traditional music feels warm and wholesome, great for family-oriented businesses like restaurants. If you’re worried about alienating parts of your audience, carefully select the more general winter carols and don’t include the Christmas-specific songs.

Religious Music should be carefully executed. If your customer base is not religious, you should avoid playing this type of holiday music, even if you like it. You definitely don’t want your holiday music to make your callers on hold hang up. If you run a business that is religious in nature, religious hold music is a fine choice. At a Christmas ornament shop, for example, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to hear a traditional hymn while on hold. If you are a more general retailer, you might consider avoiding this type of music.

In the end, the music you play is all about what your customers want to hear. Ignore your personal opinions and listen to those reaching out to you. Just like the music you choose for your year-round on hold marketing, holiday music should be selected with care. What we’ve learned from our clients is that there’s no cookie cutter solution. Every business has different customers, so every business needs different holiday marketing. Know your callers and you’ll know what to play on hold.

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