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Is Overhead Music Right for Me ?

background music - shopping mall interiorOverhead music is a powerful tool that is often neglected by businesses. In a brick and mortar facility, like a fitness center or retail store, appropriate overhead music can really set the tone for the customer experience. In a more general business environment, appropriate overhead music can help staff be happier and more productive. It’s not right for everyone, but how can you decide if adding background music is right for your business?


  1. You sell items to consumers out of a physical, brick and mortar, location. If you do this, overhead music is a MUST. Have you ever wandered through a grocery store in silence? It’s not a great experience, to say the least. Including background music in your store can make the experience more pleasurable for consumers and can even boost sales.
  2. You have clients or patients that come into your office. If you provide a service that people come into your office to receive, chances are they sit in a lobby or waiting room until you can see them. Music can help to lessen an individual’s perception of how much time has passed. It’s a powerful tool for keeping clients waiting happily.
  3. You have a lobby. Chances are, if you have a lobby, you have many people coming in and out of your building. Maybe it’s a hotel or maybe it’s a large office building. I once visited the office of a large company that develops health care products. Their campus is beautiful and the architecture of this particular building is somewhat grand and definitely unique. Unfortunately, the large lobby was filled with echoing silence. As a visitor, I was instantly uncomfortable, even before the security check.
  4. Your employees are sluggish when working in silence. Music isn’t just for consumers, it can also be for your employees. A call center, for example, might want to play overhead music to keep employees content and focused. Selecting the right music can help employees do their best work.

Don’t underestimate the power of sound, a useful tool for marketing, customer service, and employee relations. Some food for thought: 20% of shoppers say music has made them stay in a store longer; Overhead music decreases the feeling of exhaustion felt by people working out; Music can help employees focus and complete tasks more quickly. Make sure it’s appealing to your customers and your staff, as it can influence their buying habits or work ethic.  Most of all, make sure it’s enjoyable and helps create an outstanding experience.


What ways have you seen music used by business? How do you use it in your company?


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