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5 Ways to Use Audio to Make Re-branding Smoother

How to make it through a rebrand - branding tag cloudWhen you decide to take your brand’s image in a new direction, it can be difficult to decide where to start. Whether the changing times, mergers, acquisitions, or new management are causing you to reevaluate your brand messages, the success of a rebrand rests in many areas.  From your name, to your mission or vision statement, corporate philosophy, and customer impact, there are many variables for rebranding. By nature, transitions are tumultuous times. It's important that a new brand remains appealing to current customers and clients while reflecting changes within the business and becoming more attractive to prospective customers.

By the time you decide to announce your new brand, you should have related content available to clients, prospects, and the media. By creating content about your new brand, you’ll have resources for interested parties who want to learn more about your transition.

  1. Record a video of your CEO or President explaining the change, why it happened, and what new goals have been set. You can upload it to a video sharing site (once your new brand is live, of course) and embed it on your website.  
  2. Prepare your homepage. If you're changing your name, you’re probably changing your website, too. No one is going to visit if you’ve changed your name to Company B. Sure, you’ll redirect your old site to the new one, but does that do enough to explain the change? Probably not. For a little while, your homepage should have a banner that reads, “Company A is now known as Company B! Click Here to Learn More.” Some people ignore words and banners on your site, so include an audio message that will play when your page loads. Explain the transition and where visitors can go to learn more.
  3. Publicly answer questions. In school, your teachers probably told you that if you have a question, someone else in the class probably has the same question, too. The same holds true for customers. If you get an intriguing question from a customer, you should answer it publicly as a reference for others. You can set up a FAQ section on your website with text that explains each answer briefly. If you want to include more personable, in-depth answers, record the complete answer and embed it in the page. A podcast is a quick and easy way to answer FAQs and keep website visitors engaged
  4. Set up your phone system. If you’re majorly overhauling your brand, customers are going to reach out to you for more information. The telephone remains the most effective way for customers to get their voices heard and problems resolved, so it’s likely that they will call. Luckily, your phone system also remains a primary point for you to communicate with your customers. By adding your rebrand information to Messages On Hold and IVR announcements, you can communicate important information effectively, efficiently, and to a captive audience. 
  5. Add multimedia to your press release Today’s press release has changed from the original text-only announcements sent out to newswires. By incorporating pictures, audio, and video, your press release is more likely to be read by consumers and reporters alike. Include these multimedia messages to increase engagement and social sharing, which amplifies awareness of your new brand.

The last thing to remember for a rebrand is to follow through and maintain consistency. If you falter or let you new brand “die,” what was the point of creating it in the first place? As your new brand becomes more recognizable, be sure to continue the strategies above with new context. After a month or two, your website can say, “Welcome to Company B!” without even mentioning company A. The rest of your marketing, from social media, to emails, to your on hold programming, can be formed around your new image, too.

Have you gone through a rebrand? What strategies have you tried to ease through the transition and create awareness?


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