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How To Add Audio Testimonials to Your Website

Audio Testimonial   Man in Studio   93736079Adding audio to your website is an easy way to make your site engaging and improve SEO efforts. Although the internet is traditionally a visual space, focused on text and images, sound is a valuable tool for making your content stand out, and it can be easily added to your website.

The testimonials page of your website is an obvious place to add audio. When you receive a review from a customer or client, instead of posting it as text only, ask if that customer would mind making a recording of their opinion. Sound, the human voice in particular, is more powerful than writing alone. By incorporating audio, your testimonials become more personal and authentic, helping them to truly reach prospects. To take testimonials to the next level, consider recording video testimonials, too. You might create a slideshow or portfolio of your work with a particular client or record the customer speaking about your business.

With smartphones, recording audio for your website is easier than ever before. Using a built in recording app or one downloaded free, you can create clear recordings that can be saved and emailed. Files recorded via smartphone are higher quality than those recorded from a telephone. Using a phone is easier than coming into a recording studio, too, so you won’t have to inconvenience your customers.

The key to using audio on your website is to make sure it sounds great. If your customers digitally record testimonials, they can be edited using computer software or by a professional audio producer. By using a professional to edit your messages, you will have clear consistent sounding files that will all work correctly on your website.

Incorporating audio and video to the testimonials section of your website can make your customer reviews more powerful and meaningful for prospects. Don't neglect audio as a tool that can be used online.


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