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How To Avoid Jargon in On Hold Marketing

How to avoid jargon when writing - ball of newspaperJargon, or “Special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand,” is often a deal-breaker when developing effective marketing programs. On hold, marketing messages are heard, not seen or read, so it’s especially important to avoid unclear terminology. Why? Unknown, technical language confuses listeners and distracts them from your messages.

If you want your Message On Hold program to reach your callers effectively, you need to avoid jargon in your marketing. Here are some tips from our professional script writers to help you keep messages clear:

  1. Don’t use acronyms. In the office at Holdcom, we use a lot of acronyms, but many of our client’s aren’t familiar with our own terminology. For example: In our on hold programming, we say “Message On Hold” instead of “MOH.” 
  2. Keep it simple. If your writing has a lot of jargon, it’s likely that you’re just writing more than you have to. Keep your messages direct and to the point. This helps you eliminate unnecessary words and results in messages that are more listenable.
  3. Don’t say anything on hold that you wouldn’t say in person. If you use a buzzword that makes your client’s face go blank, callers will have the same reaction to the word in your on hold program.
  4. Mimic the way your callers speak. If you talk the way your callers talk, you’ll be able to avoid using words they don’t use or understand. If your writing style matches their speaking patterns, your marketing messages will be much better received. When you review your script, it should almost sound like you're talking to a client.
  5. Use a tool. It's easy to use overused words because...well, they're overused. To avoid them, try an online tool that will scan your script and pull them out. HubSpot’s Gobbledygook Grader is an excellent content analysis tool that will set you straight.
  6. Read your script. Read it to yourself, read it out loud. Read it to your business partner. Read it to a friend or family member outside of your industry. If they get it, so will your callers. If they don’t, ask for suggestions.

Of course, you might find a time when you just can’t avoid using jargon, acronyms, or gobbledygook. That’s okay, just be sure to be helpful and authoritative when delivering messages. Define jargon and explain what acronyms stand for to keep your program clear. Choosing the right voice over talent can help you deliver authentic messages to your audience.

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