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Adding Personality to Message On Hold Programs

Creating branding on hold marketing - red and green apples How do you define your brand? Trendy? Funny? Irreverent? Caring? Elegant?  How can you communicate the unique elements of your brand if you’re playing a generic Message On Hold program? You can’t. To effectively introduce your callers to your business as a brand, you have to weave your personality through all marketing outlets: press releases, websites, social media, print materials, and yes, Messages On Hold. Here are some ways for you to give your telephone hold message a little more personality:

  • Change Your Music: When you choose the right music for your MOH, you should be selecting music that matches the tone of your brand and is appealing to your callers’ sensibilities. Industry music trends can help you decide which genres are right for you and what kinds of music will make you stand out from the competition. Listening to your customers through surveys or social media is the best way to check if your hold music is spot on or terribly wrong.
  • Use a Voice Over: A professional voice over talent who has voiced hundreds of on hold marketing scripts can help you communicate your content in whatever tone and style you want. Giving direction helps voice actors record scripts that meet your expectations and sound appealing to your callers. Voice over talent can help you bring your written script to life.
  • Use your own voice: No one knows your business better than you and other company administrators. Using smartphone technology, you can record your own voice and have it mixed with the rest of your hold program, including music and professionally voiced messages. Use our Recording tips to ensure a clear, listenable read.

The key to creating personality in your hold messages is to be authentic. Don’t push your business and your brand into a box where it’s not comfortable. Since your brand is largely defined by your audience, it’s important that all of your marketing content is appealing to them. And because 70% of callers will hear your hold message, it’s important that your on hold marketing highlights your unique business personality.

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