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Keep It Simple: How to Choose Content for Message On Hold Programs

Make the right choice - man at sign post - on hold marketing decisionsBecause every business is multifaceted, it’s easy to present too much information. While it’s true that content is king, sometimes too much content is total overload. For visual and written content, this might not be a major problem, but for Message On Hold programs and other audio scripts, it’s important to keep information streamlined so as not to overwhelm listeners. Here are our tips for keeping your on hold marketing informative and listenable:

  • Eliminate jargon. Often, customers and callers just don’t understand your technical language. Cut it out and replace it with more appealing descriptions.
  • Keep it seasonal. Depending on the time of the year, modify your program to reflect current promotions, changing inventories, or industry trends.
  • Create loyal customers. Use your on hold programming to communicate special offers – just for your telephone callers. You’ll educate customers of your products and services and give them ways to save money, increasing brand loyalty.
  • Prioritize. What information do you think is the most important? Put this first in your Messages On Hold. Focus on the most compelling information; depending on your program length, your word count will be limited.

If you’re not sure if you’re choosing the right content, Do the “WIIFM” test: Ask, “What’s In It For Me,” and answer from your customer’s point of view. If the truthful answer is “nothing,” choose different content. A professional scriptwriter can help you narrow down your prompts and write for the ear.


Want to learn more about writing scripts for on hold marketing programs? Click here to download our Guide to Effective Scriptwriting for Message On Hold and Telephony applications today!

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