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Embracing Technology in Healthcare Facilities: Social Media (part 1)

doctors on computer - audio and social media for healthcareAccording to the Wall Street Journal, the number one trend in healthcare for 2012—the trend that all other trends will rely upon—is technology. He says that technology will, “propel consumers to have more engaged and interactive experiences with not only their doctors/providers but healthcare brands and advertisers.” Here’s how you can embrace technology and stay on trend throughout the coming year.

Foster suggests that in 2012, healthcare will need to be digital and get social,.  How do you achieve this? Internally, electronic health records and open access to data may be a priority. For patients and consumers, social, mobile, and digital content is especially important.

If you’re not already, get started on social media. It’s an increasingly important way to “get found” online. If  you’re not on social media accounts, your facility is actually more difficult for search engines—and that means consumers—to find. One recent event in the social-search world? Google added results from Google+ to users search. This means if you’ve connected with people on Google+, they’ll see your content highlighted in search results for relevant queries. Sharing is important.

Content is king. If you’re going to get social, you have to have something to share, which is where content comes in. Keeping new technology in mind, it’s a good idea to start blogging, podcasting, or creating videos. This types of content, although basic, are what people are looking for.YouTube is one of the world’s most popular search engines. By creating videos and uploading them to the site, you’ll increase your appeal to the growing market of empowered consumers.

But what will you write about? Another of Fosters trends covers this: a renewed focus on awareness and prevention. If your goal is to have a monthly video, for example, focus on a relevant health awareness observance. Blogs and podcasts work best when brief, so structure them around quick health tips.

Social media is no longer an extra, it’s now incredibly important for your brand recognition, search engine rank, and patient engagement. By creating digital, socially shareable content, you'll be on the road to satisfying returning patients, attracting new ones, and keeping up with industry trends.

How is your healthcare facility embracing social media?


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