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Defining Message On Hold Objectives

Woman drawing bull's eye - How to define marketing objectivesThe key to creating well-optimized on hold marketing programs is starting with well defined objectives. How can you write a great script and great content if you don't know what your goals are? Here are some common Message On Hold programming objectives and how to structure your content to achieve them:

  1. Entertain. Do you want to make hold time fun, interesting, and entertaining? Consider using some creative methods to fill your hold time. Quizbowl style questions, "Did you know..." fun facts, and playing your most recent podcast can make time spent on hold enjoyable. When mixed with appropriate hold music that is upbeat and appealing to your callers, you'll have a Message On Hold program that entertains your customers.
  2. Educate. What do you want your callers to learn? If you write business white papers or consumer guides, this information is perfect for on hold marketing, too. You can pull content from your blog and website to round out the program. Use on hold time to teach callers how to do something, whether it's a recipe or a buying guide. You can direct customers to your website to learn more about your website or read FAQs.
  3. Promote. Upcoming events, appearances, sales, and promotions all deserve a place in your telephone hold message. This kind of content is enticing, and will give callers something to ask a rep about when their call is answered.

When you decide your marketing goals, it's easy to put together interesting content. On hold, whether you're entertaining, educating, or promoting, make sure your messages are relevant and appropriate. For example, don't include promotions on your customer complaint line. Keep overall audio marketing and customer service objectives in mind as your structure your program and define its specific goals.

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