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Using Effective Calls-to-Action to Make the Sale [Guest Post]

Gene R. Sower is the president of, a New Jersey-based professional internet marketing company based in Montclair.

Man Jumping - How to call prospective clients to actionWhatever type of marketing and/or advertising you're involved with, providing a clear call to action is usually a good idea to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign. 

While pure branding campaigns don't usually contain a call to action, most branding campaigns are used by much larger companies with large budgets.  Creating name recognition alone through branding campaigns is a fine goal but not one that most companies either need or can afford.  And even branding campaigns are usually just part of a larger picture that includes some form of direct response marketing.  "BMW, the Ultimate Driving Machine" branding campaigns makes it that much more effective for your local BMW dealer to run their Sunday newspaper ads which have lot's of sales hooks and calls to action. A perfect example of a branding campaign laying the groundwork for effective direct response ads.

To determine the best return on your marketing investment, it's a good idea to have a quantifiable goal tied to your call to action that you can use to measure the effectiveness of your outreach efforts.  This requires strategic thinking and planning so that you know what your end-game is in advance.

Things to consider, regarding the goals of any call to action, should include one or more of the following objectives:

  • Increase store visits
  • Increase incoming phone calls
  • Increase direct product sales
  • Increase requests for information
  • Build your list

Some of the ways to deploy an effective strategy with a measurable call to action can include anything from radio advertising and press releases to email marketing or pay per click campaigns.  Regardless of the medium used, each method needs to employ some type of measurable call to action that will allow you to calculate a cost per lead or cost per sale.  

The point is that you should know how effective or not the coupon offer was as part of that campaigns' call to action .

Other types of calls to action can include:

  • Free whitepaper
  • Subscription offer
  • Discount or coupon code
  • Connect on social media
  • Call an 800 number
  • Watch a video or listen to a recorded message
  • Buy now
  • View a website

As you build your campaign, think about where calls to action will be placed. You can incorporate them on your website’s homepage, during a video posted to YouTube, as part of your on hold marketing program, or in online advertisements. Even the simplest calls to action like "Click here" on an online ad or website will increase results.  All your marketing and sales messages should guide your prospects and leads to interact with you in some small way, each time bringing them further and further along in your sales funnel until the ultimate goal is achieved:  a sale!

Gene R. Sower is the president of, a New Jersey-based professional internet marketing company based in Montclair.

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