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Embracing Technology in Healthcare Facilities: Sticking to Your Roots (Part 3)

Close up of a stethescope - Audio for Healthcare patient care and marketingPart 1 of this series is about how to use social media to connect with patients and share digital content. In Part 2, we covered strategies for connecting with your users via mobile technology.

There’s something to be said about tradition, even in healthcare. So even has new technologies become popular within an industry, it’s important to recognize the value of time-tested contact points. Even in 2012, the telephone goes a long way.

In his blog, Top Ten Trends for Healthcare and Wellness in 2012, Bart Foster emphasized the importance of tradition by focusing on brick-and-mortar retail stores. He says these physical locations will continue to play an increased role in forming connections between patients and healthcare brands. The lesson here is simple: Don’t change your approach if patients aren't changing theirs.

…Which brings us back to the telephone.

Making a phone call remains one of the most effective ways to resolve a problem. For this reason, consumers still make phone calls. And these calls need to be appropriately dealt with. Before implementing more advanced technology, make sure your traditional contact points are rock solid and working to reinforce your other objectives, like focusing on awareness and prevention and complying with

Get Your Call Processing Into Shape:

  • Make your on hold marketing relevant, interesting, and engaging for callers. Use creative methods to turn hold time into an opportunity for patient care.
  • Keep it all up to date. Don’t play out dated information, incorrect extensions, or any other inaccurate information on the telephone. It’s unprofessional and will undermine your other marketing efforts.

With the right strategies and a focus on delivering high quality patient services, you’ll be able to put together a comprehensive plan for 2012. What’s on your agenda so far?


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